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Why Stayput

Bedsheets have been used for centuries, however, during all this time there has been only one improvement to the design - the invention of the fitted sheet in 1959. Apparently no serious thought has been given to the shape of linens as a function of comfort, practicality and simplicity.... until now.

Benefits of Stayput

  • Our totally unique design assures simple bed making: one step instead of seven.
  • Simply wake up, exit the bed, and find that your bedding is still in its proper place.
  • Stayput bedding is self-centering: no more going from side to side to center your bedding.
  • No more time consuming, seven step, back bending hospital corners
  • The ease of entering and exiting the bed is a wonderful feature
  • Stayput will ensure minimum pressure at the lower portion of the bed to persons with sensitive skin, gout, neuropathy, arthritis and diabetes.
  • Stayput design is so simple it will cut bed making time at least 80%.

Stayput is a design for the 21st century, setting a new trend in easy bed making. We hope that you will enjoy it's benefits as well.

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Stay Put Dimensions

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