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Louie and Ruby are an odd couple. They met in 2008 through a dating site when Louie was 79 years old and Ruby was 58. Over the years since then they’ve accomplished a lot together – remodeling two houses and traveling extensively. But it’s their latest accomplishment that’s what this story is about

Ruby: Several years ago I had enough of Louie’s bad sleeping habits; he nearly destroyed the bed each night, thrashing about leaving the covers strewn everywhere. I hate making a bed and would sneak out leaving it for Louie, After all, he was the one to mess it up. Unfortunately, at the age of 85 Louie missed the last step of a ladder and fell flat on his back. For most 85-year-olds that would have been a death sentence, but not Louie. He took two Advil and went back to work. However, as a result of the fall, Louie now suffers with back problems. This is not good for someone who hates making the bed. After some thought about this horrible chore of bed-making, I came up with the idea to make the bedding stay in its place. Stayput Beddings are designed to stay put no matter how much you toss and turn. Our Stayput designs make bed-making simple and effortless. Our unique, self-centering design has been named “accessible bedding” by the American Council of the Blind. With Stayput Beddings you spend more time in bed and less time making it. That’s the way it should be!

We hope that you will enjoy the benefits of our experience aswell.

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