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The Stayput Story

Six years ago introduced Louie and Ruby, the ‘really odd couple’. Louie is 87 Ruby is 64, both are retired.

Two year ago I had enough of Louie’s bad sleeping pattern; he literally destroyed the bed every night. I hated making the bed each morning and with guilt I would sneak out leaving the bed making to Louie. While relaxing in bed one morning I came up with a solution and invented Stayput.

Stayput worked so well we have never had to remake the bed except when changing the sheets. Our friends and family were so enthusiastic about my idea that they suggested we should make them available to everyone. Not knowing any better we started a business, RR Distinctive Beddings, home of Stayput Beddings.

We hope that you will enjoy the benefits of our experience aswell.

Stay Put Dimensions